Monday, February 10, 2003


Top-tier developers benefit from constant connection to Macromedia software and resources

San Francisco–February 10, 2003–Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) today announced Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions, bringing developers and enterprises an easy way to get the technologies and resources they need to create and deliver great digital experiences. DevNet Subscriptions is strategic as it builds on the strong existing relationships Macromedia has with its key developers and provides them with additional administrative and development value. Macromedia DevNet offers a comprehensive set of tools, servers, extensions, components, and other resources over a one-year annual subscription period. Leading developers and companies including OgilvyInteractive, Molecular, and Werner Enterprises are among the first DevNet subscribers. For more information, visit

The subscription service enables companies to more easily predict the cost of equipping developers with the technology and resources they need. The service also features a personalized subscriber portal that helps reduce administrative overhead and manage software licenses. Subscribers can download their products, upgrades, extensions, and components through the portal and have them mailed on CD.

"DevNet Subscriptions is an important step for Macromedia, because it enables us to have a more substantive relationship with our top developers," said Norm Meyrowitz, president of products, Macromedia. "DevNet gives developers access to software, upgrades, and resources that saves them time by removing the barriers to purchasing, upgrading, and maintaining software."

The subscriptions service is available in two levels, Professional and Essentials.

Macromedia Devnet Professional is the premium subscription level that provides developers with the ideal way to realize the benefits of Macromedia Studio MX and the new Macromedia Studio MX Plus (announced today, see separate release) by providing the same software products, as well as additional resources and upgrades delivered throughout the subscription. DevNet Professional includes single-user perpetual licenses to Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Contribute (Windows only), Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia FreeHand, and fully-functional, development-only licenses of all Macromedia server products. This service also includes two technical support incidents per subscription term.

"We help clients such as Fleet Boston, Yankee Candle, and Showtime Networks optimize their businesses through the innovative use of Internet technology. Our mission is to provide our clients with measurable benefits that we can help them forecast and realize, and the more productive measures we can bring to the picture, the better," said Darryl Gehly, vice president of corporate development, Molecular, a Macromedia Alliance partner. "Macromedia DevNet Professional gives us a constant connection to Macromedia for the latest products, components, extensions, and sample applications. It not only reduces the need for purchasing approval for each subsequent product and upgrade, but also gives us a constant lifeline to resources to help deliver applications more efficiently."

"We are committed to delivering the best of our global network to the brands of our clients across all media," said Mel Bellar, chief technology officer, OgilvyInteractive. "We are enthusiastic about Macromedia DevNet Professional as it provides us with a simple, convenient, and economical mechanism to keep current with the latest software and upgrades from Macromedia. It will also allow us to maintain our edge in applying breakthrough solutions as soon as they are available. We are very excited about the Macromedia MX family in general as an overall development environment and solution for effective interfaces and applications on the web."

Subscribers also get three months advance access to the quarterly DevNet Resource Kits (DRKs), which bundle components and extensions to make development with Macromedia products easier and more efficient. Macromedia DRKs, introduced as Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kits, have been extremely successful, with developers noting the value of the content including the Macromedia Flash Datagrid, usability components, Dreamweaver extensions, and sample application code.

Macromedia DevNet Essentials complements a developer's existing Macromedia Studio MX tools with an annual subscription that provides advance access to the quarterly DevNet Resource Kits (DRKs).

The DevNet website rounds out the service. Formerly known as the Designer & Developer Center, this free site is designed to help Macromedia professionals increase their technical proficiency and features more than 400 articles, sample applications, tips, tricks, and tutorials, with 20-30 new pieces of content added each month. The site also hosts an active community where developers trade tips and tricks of the trade.