Thursday, May 23, 2002

ANT Integrates Macromedia Flash Player with ANT Fresco Browser to Enable a New Generation of Interactive DTV and Consumer Electronics Appliances

Partnership enables service providers to quickly deliver rich Macromedia Flash content to subscribers

Cambridge, 23rd May 2002—ANT Limited, a leading provider of communications software and services for TV and consumer electronics, and Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR), today announced the integration of Macromedia Flash Player with the ANT Fresco browser. This newly developed plug-in application will enable the viewing of rich Macromedia Flash content and applications on any ANT-enabled device, such as a set top box (STB) delivering interactive games or visually-rich electronic programming guides, navigation menus, or other user interfaces to the television. The partnership between ANT and Macromedia enables service providers to deliver enriched content to subscribers, greatly enhancing the viewing experience.

The integration of Macromedia Flash Player directly within ANT's software architecture, vastly simplifies the process of porting Macromedia Flash Player onto a new product, reducing OEM development times and costs. In addition, the player clears the way for the community of more than one million Macromedia Flash developers to create much more compelling interactive content and applications for delivery to TV appliances that use the ANT Fresco browser and platform architecture. Macromedia Flash MX simplifies the authoring process for visually rich applications, which bring new possibilities to the consumer electronics sector.

With a greater range of presentation methods including animation, sound, and sophisticated interactivity, Macromedia Flash content is ideal for branded user interfaces, portals, advertising, games, e-commerce, navigational menus, information services, and a host of other applications for TV and other home entertainment devices. With ANT Fresco supporting the delivery of such content, ANT's OEM and service provider customers are now able to deliver a richer, more sophisticated interactive experience.

"Offering Macromedia Flash support to our customers is integral to ANT's strategy of delivering an advanced browser with the functionality to render the widest possible range of content and interactive services, which is something that service providers depend upon for their business," said Simon Woodward, CEO & President of ANT Limited. "ANT is committed to delivering powerful and reliable rendering technology for use in consumer electronics devices. We are delighted to work with Macromedia in this partnership which will considerably reinforce this commitment."

"Macromedia Flash is defining the user experience on devices through its compact delivery format, lightweight client, and ability to deliver unparalleled user experiences," said Peter Meechan, vice president, Macromedia. "Working together with ANT, we will benefit developers, service providers, and consumers by, advancing the availability of standards-based multimedia content for TV and other embedded devices."